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Custom human hair wigs for cancer patients

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Fancy Hair Collections is a hair/beauty corporation that provides a variety of luxurious hair extensions and stylists at the click of a button, but even better yet instantly at our physical locations. We focus on servicing clients that are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapies, all the way to cancer free patients who want to look and feel fabulous while playing with various captivating looks. Fancy Hair physical locations in Maryland for 100% Raw/Virgin Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, and Indian Hair. These locations are one of their kind, in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia). So far there are no location In DC, Maryland, or Virginia where you can physical go and buy quality hair bundles, a fully pre-customized wig, at an affordable cost. A Fancy Hair location elevates the customer experience by delivering convenience through innovative hair styling/buying while building an emotional bond with clients and the two charity it supports. Fancy Hair donates a percentage of each hair sale, or services to Saint Jude Children's Hospital and New Beginning Family Shelter. When you support Fancy Hair LLC, you support a community. That is our promise to you.

Luxuriously affordable hair with a cause. At Fancy Hair, we believe in living out our purpose with style grace, class, and elegance. It is a top priority of ours to offer immaculate customer experience, which in return will grant us long, trusting relationships with our clients. At Fancy Hair, we have a keen sense of giving back, which in return, will grant those that are less fortunate a helping hand. We believe in the philosophy, "As life lefts you up, don't forget to reach back down to help others." Fancy Hair, has completed extensive research about Saint Jude Children Hospital, we have spoken with organizers. We have made an agreement to donate a percentage from each hair sale and services offered to our clients. We have been working with our wholesale hair vendors over 7 years to ensure we provide the best luxurious hair quality, at an amazingly affordable pricing. We are conveniently located in the heart of DMV at Tysons’ Corner Mall. Wholesale pricing for business owners/loyal customers. We have a convenient option for same day delivery for all order placed before 3PM Eastern Time in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. We provide a 2 Day expedited shipping, at the request of our Divas. Fancy Hair is your one stop shop for bundles, closures, wigs, and even getting your hair slayed. Yes we slay hair! Fancy Hair has a solutions team, who are well informed, with comprehensive knowledge of the different hair extensions; a team of talented and experienced stylist ready to customized all hair purchases into your dream look.


Fancy Hair was originally founded by the owner Fancy, as a way to merge a life long passion (hobby) while building a small business located right by owner’s childhood neighborhood. Almost immediately, when business first started, it was clear a strong reliable team was needed. Business grew unexpectedly fast. Mall goers were excited about the idea of a convenient location for some great quality hair extensions. While customer satisfaction is a huge priority of our business. Employee satisfied is singly most important priority of Fancy Hair. They say if you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far go as a team. We embrace and each individual’s diversity and ideas. We will do our best to correctly represent Fancy Hair the brand. We will show integrity at all times.  In the end we will all walk away with much more value then when we encountered each other as a team. That is our promise to you at Fancy Hair. One Team, One Target, One Goal.

We are conveniently located in the heart of Maryland and now Virginia, inside Mall at Westfield Annapolis(METRO SHOPS), and The Phoenix Salon in College Park.

Fancy Hair knows that it will gain more loyal clients by offering reasonably priced packages and rewards for repeat patronizers. We present the client the opportunity to be a part of our membership program, which if enrolled, will enjoy discounts on select packages and invites to exclusive promotional deals.

Running a hair supply business is relatively inexpensive and generates quick and great profits. Fancy Hair LLC, plans the return to investors within the first year of operation. A beauty bar which stocks 100% Raw and Virgin hair will receive twice or thrice as much clientele then the average beauty bar or shop.

In 2020, we did $154,929.59 in total revenue sales. 2021, we did $430,013.64 in total revenue sales. We are anticipating a total of $650,000 in revenue sales for the year 2022! I’ve bootstrapped, funded, and have grew my company from a $490 of savings to over 1.1 Million in revenue sales, since 01/01/2022. With your investment, we will expand the wig designer team at Fancy Hair, increase our internet presence by increased advertising, broadening our inventory selection; In order to sky rocket our daily revenue for our mall walk up clients.

We are currently expanding our retail hair extensions business. We are in need of investors for our mall retail locations. In 2023, we are set to open storefronts inside of Annapolis,  and Arundel Mills mall . Currently, all of our investors receive a quarterly payout along their profits. I’m wondering if we can have you as in investor? 

Please note, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Tax Returns, Spring Break, Summer are all coming up. Business will sky rocket in an amazing way, with proper preparation and added investment capital. 
Please review the QUARTERLY ROI sent to you, reach out with any additional questions or concerns. Thank you, have a blessed day!

The quality of service and providers of hair extensions in the beauty industry is constantly on the rise. Fancy Hair competitive edge will attract, retain, and grow clients with economical rates and full service on the best luxury hair. By our partnership with beauty professionals, salon owners, beauty supply owners, we will consistently be able to provide our clients with the highest quality, timeless virgin hair possible.

Research has shown, hair extensions profitability is largely based on the consumer’s immediate attention and beauty needs. With a heavy social media presence, charitable events, word of mouth, and client satisfaction. Fancy Hair will become a main attraction, and a one stop shop for locals, individuals from different states, and international clients. Nonetheless, individuals living in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia have a higher median annual salary than many other states. more annually than other states. Fancy Hair targeted consumer is extremely diversified. Women ranging from ages 18 to 65, single or married, with/without children. Education does not play a role in Fancy Hair ideal clientele, or targeted market.

The Diva gram is the social networking portion of Fancy Hair. Instagram, Facebook, & Snapchat provides users with an interactive timeline where they can see a constant stream of what’s trending in the hair world. Our users will be able to connect with women like themselves, while share different hair tips, or admiring similar hairstyles and look.
Market research shows that publicity has the greatest impact on people’s choice product purchase, followed closely by having the right location, lastly having a recommendation from a friend, relative, or colleague. Fancy Hair advertising and promotions will pivot around six key strategies: public relations, internet web site, interactive mobile app, promoters, social media outlets, and press advertising.

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