Fallon Self Storage

Raising $485,000 for 100 unit Self Storage facility utilizing shipping containers.

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Our goal is to construct a self storage facility on a 1.3 acre parcel in Fallon Nevada. Located just North of downtown, this facility will be a new concept and strategy to the industry by utilizing (100) 20' one way shipping containers in lieu of a cold formed steel structure. Complete build out of the facility will happen in 2 phases to 1. keep upfront costs down and 2. gauge supply and demand. First phase (current funding request) will consist of site construction, possible footings, fencing and 50 containers. Once occupancy of 90% is reached the remaining 50 containers will be purchased. 
Currently Fallon has 15 self storage facilities over a 10 mile radius and ranging from high end to mom and pop garages. Within a 3 mile radius is 2 facilities will be direct competition. The first Reno Hwy Storage is 95% occupied and Keddie Self Storage (next door) is 86% occupied. Keddie Self Storage is owned and operated by our family and will eventually be combined with our current venture. Owners of this construction are Tim & Maci Davis and Paul Lumos. Tims works as a building inspector and will oversee the entire construction/PM process. Macis background is working for the Collections department at the State of Nevada and will handle day to day operations remotely. Paul Lumos is a retired civil engineer and real estate developer. Paul has owned and operated self storage facilities since the 80's and will be involved daily during the lease up of the new facility. Paul owns the 1.3 acre parcel that will be used for the storage facility. 
At this time all Civil planning has been completed and is currently under review with the City of Fallon. Estimates for site work, fencing, containers and security is all complete. only issue still in the air is whether the City will require the containers to be put on footings. Per IBC, they are not required but the City will determine our fate. Funding amount accounts for footings but may be reduced if the City decides no footing are necessary. 
Business Plan and Financial Feasibility all available for review on request. 

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