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Raising $2M to open F45 Training Studio in Melbourne, FL

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Looking to open an F45 franchise in Melbourne, FL. F45 provides instructor-led group fitness class to its members designed to provide results, energy, fun and take complexity out working out. This franchise has been around for several years and endorse by a host of celebrities. Mark Wahlberg is amongst a top investor in the company.  More information can be found on their main website at f45training.com. I am half owner of another studio and looking to expand and open another in a neighboring city. F45 is mainly focused on the member experience and has very low overhead in terms of operations.  Additionally, this training is high class where members pay a premium for membership hence making it relatively easy to turn a profit and put more into the business via partnerships with other businesses, events and activities for the members with prizes, and marketing. The current studio in which I am half owner had almost 900 leads before we opened. 

Some information about me. I am an engineer at NASA, a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, a certified life coach, book author, half owner of F45 Viera and owner of an entertainment business providing event services such as DJ/MC, photography, videography, photo booth, equipment rental, planning and coordination, and more. I am also a social media influencer helping to promote products for companies. I am an entrepreneur at heart and understand the realms of business ownership, high quality employees and the member/client experience aka customer service. 

I have had the opportunity to help change so many lives and am motivated to continue on my journey to help more. I also have many connections and existing partnerships in which I can make part of the new studio to further enhance profitability. Thank you for considering investing in this endeavor and truly hope you will give it high consideration and take a chance with me. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Thank you
Yves Lamothe

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