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We are the Door Dash of Contractor services. Raising $250k-$1M to launch in the greater Sacramento area. Looking for an investor who understands consumer tech space preferably.

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We are a direct booking platform for contractors in your area. Everything from Plumbers, Heating & Air, to Landscaping and Pool Services (10 services total). Don't get a referral, directly book with a service guarantee, upfront pricing and have a vetted contractor in your area to do the work you need done.

We are different than the competition in almost every way;

  1. Most of our competition are basically referral services.  We are direct booking. We choose the contractor for the customers
  2. We have a simple 5 step booking process.  The best I was able to do on one of the competition was about 15 steps.
  3. We know if the contractor accept and show up to jobs.  Believe it or not most competition does not.
  4. We guarantee the service with money back creating a trust from customers.  Competition does not.
  5. We offer up front pricing for most jobs.  This varies from the competition.
  6. We have built in calendar and rescheduling for bookings.  Comp does not.
  7. We have a super simple sign up process. Comp is more difficult.
  8. You can use our platform from the time you buy a home to the time you sell it (yes, working with realtors is a market entry point). 
  9. You can book recurring services.  These are not alway avail from the comp.
  10. We have a consistent theme of trust contractor network, and not misc things like massages and errand running.  

The business model is simple.  We charge a standard rates for various tasks by each contractor.  We give the contractors the rates they will get paid.  We don't charge the contractor for being on the platform. Recurring services for things such and pest control, pool service, and landscaping will provide steady revenue.  We also have options to white glove the platform and repurpose our platform as well.

Target market is younger to middle aged home owners.  New home buyers and multi property owners.  Younger generations just want to book it and get it done. 

I am currently working on an advisement team, but seeking funds to hire a team to prepare for launch.  The MVP of the platform is ready.

I am uniquely positioned to understand this solution as I was a contractor in the past and also flipped homes.  I also was an early adopter of 3rd party ordering services like Door Dash and Uber when I was a multi unit (9 stores) restaurant owner.  My restaurants were a multi million dollar operation with around 120 employees,  so I am familiar with running an organization.  I was also a data analyst in the tech industry in a past career.  In my contracting and home flipping career I was especially good and keeping time lines short and staying within budget.  This reflected when I was growing my restaurants and I was able to open 3-4 restaurants per year.   

I am ready to rock and go to market, would love to hear from you and answer any questions you have.

I have business plan prepared, pitch deck, and actions plans ready to rock.  Here is a link to my pitch deck:

Thank you for your time!

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