EZ Range

Raising 200k to develop and gain traction with EZ Range phone app

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   The EZ Range mobile app. corp. is seeking $200K for the start-up funding and 6 months runway for the mobile app. The EZ Range app. is specifically designed to reduce battery range anxiety (B.R.A.) from an EV drivers experience. It also helps alleviate the dilemmas with charging in route.  Over the last four in a half years’, I've experience driving an electric vehicle on various terrains and weather conditions. Both are not friendly to determine an EV’s accurate battery range. My mobile app will route and calculate the accurate battery range on all EV’s and simplify charging options along the way.
·        Utilizing AI, Real time Data and Machine Learning.
·        Focusing on locations, weather and traffic being vital to apps accuracy. 
·        Staying connected to updates with EV charging stations and EV dynamics
·        The EV market is expanding and growing as a CAGR of 19.1%.
Making a safer, friendly app that dynamically moves with the future of EV driving is our primary goal at EZ Range corp.

Let’s start the EZ Range App and begin eliminating any battery range anxiety today for all EV drivers.  

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