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E.Y.S. is raising $500k for building and first 3 years of operations funding.

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Our organization is the newest Innovative and effective community outreach non-profit system, founded in the city of Cleveland, Ohio, Express Ya'Self Youth Center Inc.  Where dreams are visualized under a umbrella of mentorship and guidance amongst the Youth market. E.Y.S. founder Cierra Alqawi received her Master's degree in Business Administration Concentrated in Human Resource Management, in 2012. She found herself on a journey that allowed her to strengthen her craft and utilize her greatest potential. Guidance is her nature, as she worked in the Suburban School districts from grades K-12 as a substitute-teacher, she witnessed how the youth is in much need of a bridge that gap traditional learning environments and the step to adulthood. She understood the need for guidance amongst the youth that which are going through the challenging developmental stages and find it difficult to express themselves.
  Our founder is beloved amongst the youth market in the inner city of Cleveland, Ohio. She work well with children as a whole, but she also has skills in performing daily care giving  to dual diagnosed individuals, from young children to adults. Ms. Alqawi fully understood that emotional and social stability can be enhanced by general guidance and a safe place that which invests in individual coping skills while each person express themselves and find their true potential. This idea can benefit the inner city communities in Cleveland, Ohio, the parents/guardians as well as for the youth who spend more time doing negative things rather then working on self growth can inspire themselves and those around them by utilizing our safe environment. Parent/guardians can benefit from our organization by allowing their child to participate in our membership programs, which allows the parents/guardian the ability to work or study knowing that their child is safe and being productive amongst adult supervision.
   Our founder previous employer Y.O.U. Youth Opportunity Unlimited, gave her the opportunity to view the dysfunction amongst the youth, between the rationality of what is best for their future when approached with certain opportunities. It was difficult for the consumers to commit to job opportunities because they were not sure of what exactly it was that they were good at or even was interested in doing or committing their time to. Our founder Understood that her purpose in life was to give back to the youth in a special way, that which was giving to her as she was growing up in a dysfunctional state. Being the oldest of seven siblings, a young mother at age fourteen, and absent parents she faced her obstacles with varies resources and accomplished her set forth short-term goals. Embarking on this major goal to bring new techniques that can bridge the gap in the social development and critical thinking skills management amongst the youth we are facing tough times as we build during this historical time for the entire world. Working in the school system, Ms. Alqawi witness how socially awkward adolescences become the older they get, although most of them can get along in a mutual environment, some are overlooked due to lack of social skills and the ability to fully express themselves, so all of their hidden potential stays hidden from the world. Gender or sexuality is not always the case that separates social groups, neither does race, what mainly separates social groups is the terms "Self Awareness", and "Self-Expression. When those qualities are not exercised or not present in any individual, young or old, the human behaviors that may arise from that disadvantage is "Self-Hate" and Anti-social behavior, which does not benefit self or society. 
  Our product is or effective mentorship/guidance and counseling amongst the youth while nourishing their potential and investing in their dreams while they attend traditional school. Our environment will provide a variety of required  emotional and social development programs, while offering active programs that are consider to be extracurricular activities in traditional learning environments such as dance, theater, basketball, track, therapy, writing skills, studio record, and many other entertainment services. Our organization focus more on the unique skills of the youth market, that which does not get much recognition during regular schools hours. Also our environment provides activities that enhances the ability for all backgrounds to communicate and learn from one another. Our environment is safe for all ethnicities, gender, sexualities, religious beliefs amongst the youth ages 13-21. Our company focus on the ages 13-21 because this is where the adolescence challenges begin and the developmental stages are very sensitive and critical to the life expectancy amongst the inner city of Cleveland, Ohio.
 As the city of Cleveland, Ohio agriculture grows and changes, the city still has this problem whereas our youth tend to pick up bad habits quicker than they would pick up a book to read, or pick up a pen to write a book story. We are providing a special environment that's safe and support all kinds of backgrounds, and invests in the unique skills of the youth, which is something the city of Cleveland, Ohio can benefit from and our founder Ms. Alqawi is the best leader for this project. Our committee plans involve reaching out to the communities of Cleveland, Ohio, by hosting what everyone loves, safe parties that which will bring awareness of our mission to the community and the youth. Our organization also plans to partner with public recreation center for marketing and advertising purposes and meeting space. Our organization is asking for funding towards our future plans of starting up properly. With your help our team of directors, and hosts of volunteers our organization tend to hit the streets of Cleveland, Ohio with our flyers, t-shirts and candy to fund raise, we also will take advantage of social media to promote our brand and welcome our supporters and consumers. 
In Summary: E.Y.S. brand represents a safe environment where the youth can feel free to dream and express themselves while respecting themselves and learning how to respect others. Our team represent skilled hard workers who careers are based amongst the youth and we all share the same passion towards community building. It's our beliefs, where we reside can flourish with much happier families and individuals with the support of others. Every child dream of becoming something special to benefit society at one point or another but some where along the line of growth they can lose their passion due to their environment and lack of community guidance and support. We propose a plan to create a safe place where the youth can dream out loud and search themselves for answers with the proper positive guidance. We don't sell promises we only provide innovative techniques that which can sharpen ones craft, expand creativity, end divisions, and produce emotional and social stability amongst the youth who will soon be our future leaders.  Our organization will invest our individual time and inspiration to the communities by putting our energy into leading the youth on their future journey and endeavors. 

Thank you ever so kindly for any consideration. To any potential investors our organization wants to thank you in advance for being who you are for help rise up organizations such as ourselves, we appreciate your help even if our project isn't the target for you, being  investors is a mighty position and we just want to thank you for your time and investments made to any organization.  You are considered a Hero in our book. Thank you!

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