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Need working capital to expand on the agency

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Excelsior Business Partners Inc pitch :
Independent insurance agency.
The Agency is a  Member Agent of SIAA National Agency Alliance since 2019
The goal of the  agency is to create a one stop shop.   
The agency will focus on health Medicare insurance products, Individual health, Auto, Home, Business insurance , Life insurance , Tax Preparation, Home Mortgage loan, and real estate  services. 
We want to have a business model for  online and as well as face to face.
Business Website:  www.excelsiorbusinesspartners.com
Market Size for being a member of SIAA has attained 8.1 billion of in-force  written premium.
Americans in Florida currently spend on average  3,125 per year for car insurance per year for full coverage policies
The Agency market growth will include 8 different  product that will generate revenue.
Here are two examples of revenues that the agency will have:
•Market Growth for Automobile Insurance in the US Market size from 2015-2020 has grown 3.2% $308.8bn
•The Agency will make money by building a book of business for Auto insurance  in-force policies  based on 10%- 14% commission per policy sold.
•Market Growth for Medicare Insurance current enrollment  as of 2020 24.1 million  nationwide of Medicare enrollment with Florida having 40% of enrollment:. Commission per enrollment per year for each agent is between $255-$565 as of 2020 .
What we have done so far is to obtain contract with insurance carriers and we build a website.
We still need to recruit and hire 100 agents, realtor, and tax personal, to support the business model.
My agency  has over 10 year of working experience in the insurance industry.
We need investors and working capital  to expand on the one stop insurance model.
Future Goal is to eventually create one stop franchise organization available in all 50 States.

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