Evision Academy

Evision Academy is an education services company that provides online classes to K-12 visually impaired students from state certified, licensed teachers.

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Evision Academy is an online school that will deliver visually impaired and braille instruction services from state certified teachers. While rare, these services are federally required by law in any school district with enrolled visually impaired students. However, school districts often do not have the staff to make good on the promises.  I have provided these services online myself for 6 years after having taught visually impaired students in school districts for 16 years prior to that.

There is a need for this service because parents want their children to get specialized assistance that school districts are often unable to provide. School districts need the service because of the lack of qualified personnel available. The offering of services online is timely because of Covid19, but will continue to be needed after schools reopen because it is an excellent solution for a consistent problem...the lack of qualified, certified and experienced braille and low vision instructors.

We have a strong advertising plan in place and have parents inquire about our service daily. We just need the funding to "open the virtual doors".  

Thank you for your consideration.

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