EV Rideables L.L.C.

Strategic Expansion in a Booming Market Category

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Profitable business in booming market category (eBikes/eRideables), looking to expand into more prime destination markets. Prepared to add house brand to raise profitability, and capitalize on EV Rideables registered trademark.

I have worked in Sports and Recreation for over 35 years as a leading Executive with a strong track record of producing revenue growth. Five years ago, I envisioned significant growth in the eBike and electric rideable categories, and took action to start a pilot store in Huntington Beach, CA. In addition, when CES added a category name of Rideables for eBikes, eScooters, eRideables, etc. I submitted a trademark application for EV Rideables, which was approved and registered in 2018.

Our business has grown significantly since 2018, and we recently moved to a prime location on Main Street in Huntington Beach. As a result of extensive R & D testing we are now prepared to source electric rideables with our trademark. This will allow us to increase profit margins with a house brand in our product mix and enable us to prepare for expansion of corporate stores and/or franchises.

Tony Duran: CEO
EV Rideables
(562) 787-4183

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