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$350k a share needed to close $1.4M loan for Bowling Alley and Skating Rink -1st year sales of $2.1M Expected - Business Plan Available Upon Request

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Seeking investor for Start-Up Bowling Alley and Skating Rink Business being sold at very equitable situation. My COVID Proof Business Plan forecasts over $2M in revenue the first year. This Business Plan is available Upon Request. 

 Eufaula Event Center is comprised of two separate building located next to each other on Eufaula Ave, the town’s major thoroughfare. The Bowling Alley is a 25,000sqft facility with 20 Bowling Lanes, a restaurant, Pizza Shop (to be added), lounge, LED Video Wall (to be added), recording studio (to be added), billiards, (to be added) an arcade (to be added), and a Candy Shop (to be added). The Skating Rink is a 15,000sqft facility with an arcade (to be added), performance stage (to be added), candy shop (to be added), Teen Dance Area (to be added). The facility is in a great location with the two high school literally right behind the building. This location on the North End of town is a heavy traffic area and these facilities are clearly visible to every car that travels on this major highway. The property is now available far below market value at $895k for both buildings. To build the Bowling Alley Alone today as-is would cost in the area of 2.2M not including the skating rink building. The Eufaula Event Center’s property and buildings should appraise for 2.9M to $3M. This puts us in a great equitable situation. And after reading the City’s 2020 Plan (most recent), the city states it needs more children activities as well as adult lifestyle enhancements. The Eufaula Event Center can assist in providing both. 

 The city of Eufaula, Alabama has very limited entertainment and quality food options. Moreover, these limited options become even more limited after 4pm especially the food options. Our customers will enjoy the fact that not only do we have entertainment for them and the entire family but also that the Customer Service is excellent and the food taste great. Bowling and Skating is NOT available in our area, and neither are most of our food options such New York Style Pizza, Sliders, and Thai Chicken Kabobs. There is only one sports bar in the local area and no live music venues with a stage and dinner availability anywhere within 50 miles. The public wants the services and products we offer and the customer service we can provide. We will offer skating, bowling and several food options available for delivery. With no bowling or skating rink available within 50 miles, we look to gain more than average market share. We will expand the food offerings and run each division as a separate entity to better control cost and respond more quickly to market participation and changes increasing our chances of success. The lounge containing the bar will be open extended hours with a bottle ordering and delivery service (legal to deliver alcohol in Alabama now) available as well. This should increase of profits as expected to better serve our customers. To remain price competitive, we will buy alcohol by the case from the distributor (State of Alabama) in order to receive deepest possible discount and pass these savings on to our customer while increasing net revenue. 
 Eufaula is a city located in Barbour County Alabama. With a 2020 population of 11,459, it is the 59th largest city in Alabama and the 2825th largest city in the United States. Spanning over 73 miles, Eufaula has a population density of 193 people per square mile. The average household income in Eufaula is $50,627 with a poverty rate of 30.61%. The median rental cost is $579 per month, and the median house value is $128,100. The median age in Eufaula is 38 years, 35 years for males, and 42.1 years for females. Plenty of people in this age group regardless of marital status, ethnicity, traditional or alternative thinking could enjoy an evening out with family or friends and enjoy a night of bowling and or skating. The Eufaula Event Center is located inside the city limits of Eufaula, AL. This is the audience we not only want to sell to but also employ. Opening this Event Center could bring the city up to 20 jobs. Most of those jobs will qualify for Work Opportunity Tax Credits. A Qualified HUBZone, Eufaula is also a Low to Moderate Income Community, our dining and recreational offerings will be priced to the market. From Eufaula we can also serve the rest of Barbour County (pop. 18,966) Henry County (pop. 17,205), Russell County (pop. 49,993), Bullock County (pop. 10,678) and Georgia's Quitman (pop. 2,660) and Randolph (pop. 6,973) Counties. Collectively Eufaula Event Center has a customer pool of 106,475 people, our research indicates our target audience to be people 5 – 55 years old. The residents of these areas routinely visit Eufaula to shop, work, patronize restaurants, and enjoy the lake activities. Bowling and Roller Skating along with fast-casual food options of The Eufaula Event Center will be well received throughout Eufaula and surrounding areas. Whether these people seek to dine, enjoy a sweet treat, attend a concert or event, produce a concert or event, roller skate, bowl, listen to or record Live Music; they can do it all at Eufaula Event Center. The 25,000sqft. Bowling Alley has 20 Bowling Lanes, a video arcade (planned), Dining Platform (planned), a Sports Bar & Lounge, Pool Tables (planned), Restaurant (planned), retail space (Strategic Partnership with Designer of Custom T-Shirts and Hoodies) and an upstairs Recording Studio and apartment. The 15,000sqft. Skating Rink while requiring a few minor upgrades including finishing the top epoxy coat of skating floor and building a stage with sound and lights includes a video arcade planned), large digital video wall (planned), 12ksqft+ skating surface / dance floor / banquet hall / trade center / EVENT CENTER. 

 Our Target Market is the City of Eufaula, AL., Barbour County, Russell County, Bullock County, Henry County, Quitman County, GA., and Randolph County, GA. Our target consumer within the market will be everyone between the ages of 5 years old and 55 years old. We will reach our target audience by investing in new signage for business in front of the building and signage attached to face of building. We will also reach our customers by Word of Mouth, social media, Billboards, TV, and Radio Ads as well as the local newspapers. Eufaula Event Center will sell not only Skating and Bowling Experiences, but we will also capitalize off the expanded lounge hours selling alcohol as well as selling Sweet Treats, Pizza and Wings, hamburgers, hot dogs and fries. On Sunday afternoons we will offer a Buffet Brunch selling not only Southern Cuisine favorites like Fried Chicken and Mac & Cheese but also introduce items like Lamb Chops and Ethiopian Sambusas and Thai Chicken Kabobs. Eufaula Event Center will offer Skating, Bowling, and Small to Medium size live events; neither is available within 50 miles. Our New York Style Pizza is not available in the area either and will prove to be very rewarding with delivery until 12am nightly. We will also obtain a Beer, Wine and Liquor license that will allow us to not only sell on-site but deliver as well. That service will be available until 12am nightly as well. The law allowing this has just passed and the service is yet available in the area. We will be “First to the Market” with all of these offerings in this area. During our research we have received feedback by word of mouth, social media and phone calls positively supporting and asking for these new offerings in the community. To announce our Grand Opening, we plan to buy 4 Billboard ads all position at the 4 inbound highways into the city (US 431 So., US 431 No., State Hwy 82 East and State Hwy 82 West); after the first 3 months, we will maintain two of those Billboards on the most traveled entry points (Hwy 431 North and South). In addition to that we will also by a full-page ad in 4 area newspapers which we will maintain once a week in the local newspaper after first month of opening. The Grand Opening will also be advertised Radio Stations heard by our target market and audience after which we will only use radio for special events. Customized Social Media Advertising will be utilized on Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where we will also carry accounts for the facility building awareness and increasing followers to later minimize advertising expenses. We will limit open internet advertising to Google Ads coupled with Search Engine Optimization to drive customers to our website where they can reserve Skating and Tickets, Bowling Lanes, Gift Certificates, T-Shirts, Hoodies, and have food delivered. We also plan to launch out own app for these transactions as well. 
  Prezidential Holdings dba Eufaula Event Center is managed by a Winning Team. The Eufaula Event Center CEO Tammy V. Brown holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Management. Tammy has spent many years in Customer Service which will help ensure we offer our customers World Class Customer Service. Tammy will train each and every employee concerning our Customer Service expectations to ensure consistency. The Chief Operating Officer is Christopher B. Womack who attended Tuskegee University as well as managed the largest government military contract in history - LOGCAP III. Chris has more than 20 years of experience in Operations Management and as an Entertainment Entrepreneur previously owning 2 nightclubs and promoting concerts in the Southeast. Chris will use his knowledge of business, marketing and negotiations to ensure that our activities, events, and day to day operations are efficient, safe and profitable. Terra Womack is the Human Resource Coordinator. In addition to staffing, Terra will also work with the chef to continually research the effectiveness of the menus and suggest changes if needed to ensure our menus stay fresh and desirable while remaining profitable. 
Please feel free to ask any questions you would like. (323) 371-1613. The detailed Business Plan is available upon request as well. 

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