Eternity Letter℗

MAKE YOUR GIFT MATTER® via Eternity Letter℗. Plan to flip $8B Paper Card Market + Subscription Model Similar to K-Cups Concept.

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ETERNITY LETTER℗ revolutionized the concept of Gift Giving by delivering a solution to “How do I make my gift unique and special”? Eternity Letter solved this time-consuming problem by inventing a Gift that matters.
 Additional option serves funeral industry.  Both options are covered by Utility Patent under title "System for delivering and relinquishing memories". Option for memorial events solves emotional problem and allows you to say proper good bye and heal.
 Eternity Letter does not sell a "product", it sells emotions.  Emotional experience gifted inside Eternity Letter is unforgettable and makes gift giving enjoyable again. It can also serve as stand alone gift due to it's high quality and beautiful presentation.  Applies to every market covered by paper cards.  Paper cards market is close to $8B annually in US.
 Eternity Letter is also perfect for Corporate Gift Giving, Employee Awards, etc. It is huge market without limits and most importantly, the concept will generate ROI beyond expectations. The most consistent problem for corporations is client retention rate.  Gratitude captured inside Eternity Letter is incredibly meaningful, last in memory and keeps on giving for a very small, but powerful investment,
 My patented concept also covers candles and I plan to flip tea light candles market with subscription services. I already have ready to go prototype for this product and it is going to be amazing "New Thing" on the candles market which is steadily growing and is over $3.5B in revenue annually in US.  My plan is similar to K-Cups Coffee concept,
 I invented this product and run everything on my own. I LOVE Eternity Letter and will never rest until it is in every home in America. I need support with funding to cover new candles production and to invest into effective marketing efforts. 
 I have professional business plan, executive summary, sell sheets, White Paper by a Professor Dr. Henry Vyner endorsing my product as a healing tool (for memorial events), retail ready Cloud Collection and amazing claims granted for my Patent. 
 I am ready to answer any questions,
 Thank You for your time!
  Sincerely, Inna

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