Essayons Greenery LLC

Asking for $500k to $1.2M to fund a minority veteran-owned Cannabis business in NJ.

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Essayons Greenery is a Minority Veteran-owned cannabis business, poised to enter the newly legalized recreational marijuana market in New Jersey. The goal is to acquire a vertically integrated cannabis license in order to establish a strong brand presence through competitive pricing.  Through direct operational control of the entire supply chain, Essayons Greenery will streamline processes to ensure competitive pricing.  Driving down cost and delivering a superior product to the customers will be critical as we enter the market and develop our customer base and brand.  

It is estimated that $500,000 to $1,200,000 is required to successfully establish our marijuana vertically integrated cannabis business. This will be done with clever project management, lean processes and other cost saving strategies. Once licensed, our estimated business value will be $15million in EBITDA by the fifth year of operation.  The capital will fund the business, establish leases, establish the Cannabis retail location and purchase initial equipment (est. $500k). 

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