Raising $500.000 to expand our Business to International Wireless by offering reliable and affordable wireless LTE 4G service for data and mobile

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As a privately owned company positioned to serve 150 countries globally, we come with a unique market advantage. We currently provide advanced telecom services for a unique market segment, majoring in ISP and MNVO, in Canada and the USA. We are positioned to become the leading brand in this under-supported sector, offering reliable and affordable wireless LTE 4G service for data and mobile. Our company offers ultranet internet with superfast speeds, and we have conglomerated various network infrastructures and technicalities to make this a possibility.  
Our expansion plan entails expanding further into Canada and the USA for providing access to wireless Mobile internet. We are targeting this growth in regions where there is neither the cable nor the DSL to support services. Our offerings cover vast areas of needs such as: Internet Access (LTE 4G data and Mobile), Internet transit, Domain name registration, Web hosting, Usenet services, Colocation, and more.
Today we are seeking an investment of $500,000 CAD to support expansion. This will fund the purchase of Routers, Modems, Bulk data (a minimum of 250TB), and finally to undertake aggressive marketing, which is very necessary for our survival in the marketplace. Our asset rich operation brings great scalability with low fixed costs and minimum variables. This makes for increasing profit margins as the company grows; a reality that our investor will appreciate in a passive income generating asset.

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