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I am in serious talks with Gravitas Ventures film distributor company for worldwide distribution of my film, Cold Crazy, upon completion. I need funds to make this film.

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Why Invest $89,925 to make my film, Cold Crazy?

The following points are from two investment journal articles written about the risk and
reward of investing in a movie.
• A movie is the best investment one can make for the up-side potential vs. the risk.
• There is no business with manufacturing capital entry requirements as low as motion
pictures where the potential return can be as unlimited over the short, medium and
long terms.
• With new markets, such as China (1.2 billion new potential moviegoers) and India (900
million new potential English-speaking moviegoers), investor would be imprudent not to
take a serious look at the potential rewards of movie investments at this time.
• Not only can investing in film bring a lot of excitement, it has the potential to bring a
large financial windfall.
• There is nothing more rewarding than investing in a motion picture that you truly
believe in and then seeing it come to completion. And, investing in the motion picture
industry, you can potentially earn a huge return on your investment.

Why Invest in film?

Horror films are the fastest growing genre of film.
Once a low budget haven, over the years, horror films have grown in their ranking in box office
success and since 2017, every year has grown exponentially for this category. With It & It
Chapter Two, Get Out, Annabelle: Creation, Alien: Covenant, Godzilla King of Monsters, A
Quiet Place, The Nun, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, Split, Glass, Us, Demon Slayer: Mugen
Train and The Conjuring 2, all breaking the $200 Million mark in the last 4 years alone, horror
has earned its place in Hollywood. Get Out, at $255 Million box office success was a
microbudget directorial debut. The Conjuring franchise is about to break the $2billion-dollar
franchise mark. Also of note, It Follows was a Detroit indie film made in 2015 for $1M that has
brought in $21.7 Million. Paltry compared to some others, but a testament to what a MI made
horror Indie can do and how exponential a return can be.

Budget and ROI

The production budget for, Cold Crazy, has been set at $89,925.  Michigan currently supports no tax credits, however it is a
hotbed of affordable locations, and excellent talent hungry to work for a fraction of industry
standards elsewhere.
Investors would immediately receive their investment back with the first $89,925 in revenue.
Revenue after that point would be distributed as follows:
$375K investor ROI is 50% of all revenues after the first $375,000 investment is repaid.
$100K investor ROI is 12.5% of all revenues after the first $375,000 investment is repaid.
$50K investor ROI is 6% of all revenues after the first $375,000 investment is repaid.
$10K investor ROI is 1% of all revenues after the first $89,925 investment is repaid. 
While returns vary widely in the film business, one example of ROI would be the returns from
the low budget It Follows produced in Michigan follows. 
At a production revenue of $21.7 Million, a $100K investment would yield an ROI of $1,035,000. 
What other investment can turn around over 10 times it's initial amount in 3 years?! 
While this is unlikely, it is possible...and that is the beauty of film investment.

Preliminary Budget Summary:

Crew $47,200
Cast $10,000
Production Expenses $17,725
(includes insurance, travel, locations, picture cars,
props/set décor/set build, animals, wardrobe, IT,
gear rental, food, accounting)
Talent Peripherals $10,000
(includes SAG fees, airfare, ground, lodging, per diems)
Post Expenses $5,000
(includes edit, score, song licensing, M&E,
distribution deliverables, CGI, marketing, festivals)
TOTAL $89,925

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