Enterprise Engineering Services LLC

Experienced engineer wants to go public and make himself and his investors rich.

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EES prepares engineering construction documents for the construction of new or the renovation of
existing commercial buildings. We also provide construction support services.

My intent is to eventually enter the more lucrative field of construction and take the company public (get listed).

I have 32 years experience in this industry making other companies rich. Now I want to make myself and my investors rich.

The company needs money for marketing. We want to get bigger projects which have greater margins. 

Our customers can be governments (state, local, county, city, ISD, etc.) or private companies. 

Landing a major retailer (Walmart, Target, Honda, Starbucks, etc.) would be excellent for the business. 
We would be able to get a steady stream of work without having to go through the cumbersome RFP process 
that government clients typically require. However, we could still pursue this work. I know several companies
that have done very well just doing government work.

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