Engineered Wood Company

Finalizing 5 years of self-funded R&D, raising money to begin staffing, commercialization, federal grant cost share, third party testing and evaluations.

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Engineered Wood Company (EWC)'s patent-pending products will be the first to market globally economic net negative and renewable sourced building products.  Our renewable and recyclable composite materials also substitute a wide variety of other materials like for like.  Within 15 years, most everything consumers purchase will be made from or have in it EWC's patented carbon negative materials.  As a result of our net negatives, EWC can market bankable and verified carbon credits and offset's as the FMSco2t. But it gets even better and in world-changing ways.
   The engineer and inventor of E3Lumber, Timothy C. Thompson, created his highly innovative patent by solving many industrial materials into human-friendly environmental needs.  The E3Lumber patent contains some 82 claims, 394 figures, and over 100 pages of specifications. It can only be described as an environmentally friendly industry patent. Within are highly novel methods that resolve wood industries into highly economical environmentally friendliness.  Not surprisingly Thompson’s methodology can be applied to other industries just as readily.  Thompson envisioned human environmental needs as CO2 mitigation efforts and accordingly invented E3Lumber’s EM2Materials as both base and hybrid composite materials that resolve carbon storage and the ratio of releases of CO2 to produce them. Having accomplished his main goal with highly efficient practices used to produce low-price point carbon-negative products something by far more important than the potential of money to be made was discovered.
   Full mitigation is understood as eliminating entirely a harsh act. E3Lumber’s invention invented what Thompson calls Full Mitigation Science (FMS). FMS came from theory to model and on to a very real-world full mitigation practice. Thompson's soon-to-be-published and under peer-review composition’s title says it all, “Full Mitigation of Past, Current, and Future, Fossil Fuel uses. Advanced Woody Biomass Composites."  Yes, Thompson’s E3Lumber patent and FMS discoveries can very economically fully mitigate global climate change.  And surprisingly, it's a lot easier than one might think because of a yet-to-be-published but verified fact. Although FMS as new knowledge and scientific methods, and commercialization of E3Lumber will be highly disruptive, capitalism powers it all quickly. 
   One function of FMS is to influence economic environments, subversively with bankable carbon credits sold by EWC as FMSco2t.  In short, consumers or even countries buying or using our products may or may not understand they are in fact saving the world from climate change, but they will be.  Another aspect of that influence is using our products creates FMS's results and those results are unrestricted by the polarization of politics, policies, and the inability of lesser or greater economy's political structures.  FMS and E3Lumber combine into powerful global environmental stewards governed by capitalism, not politics or political borders. Growing government-mandated FMSco2t carbon credits will provide E3Lumber subsidies to accomplish it all with embarrassing profits.
   Our Team. EWC is 14 occasionally paid professionals with 11 of them currently full-time employed elsewhere.  We also have agreements with two institutes of higher education. Oregon State University and the University of Oregon.

 Our Company was founded as an Oregon C corp in December of 2015. The DBA for Engineered Wood Company in January 2019.  The years of intellectual property development and prototyping were self-funded 1.2 million so far. EWC has been invited to propose, with the Federal Government, and unsolicited, due to our environmental impact but also because of our innovations in advanced materials. We have just begun stepping out of the cave of research and development and into the light. We just started looking for money and management to grow. EWC is now focused on the commercialization and refinement of our business model and has a depth of accumulated experience but not enough.  We are auditable to SEC standards and have no bad actors. 
   For more information: Contact through this web site :

  Contact via Email-with a subject line "FMS Investment" to [email protected], if "FMS Investment" does not appear in the subject line it will go to junk and I'll never see it.
Be Prepared to Provide the Following:
1. Proof of funds, will be verified. Equity only Investment Range is 10m to 1.2b and EWC can offer warrants for progress goals/timelines obtained.   Keep in mind, EWC is building industry, not an AP or better toothbrush.  We have 85% tooled a facility for phase one manufacturing and have prototyped product and production. We have not sold publicly, yet. 
2. EWC's NDA is required and no other.  We can only have a really limited none NDA discussion.
3. If you're looking for a robber baron sort of investment don't bother, we're looking for financial management and growth experience in leadership and then money to grow.  
4. Patent valuation is in the B's because short and long-term market potential is globally 100's of B's.   
5. We have an underwriter for a CF public offering in our pocket to play if we decide Federal grants don't accommodate.  
6. Everything EWC is about is environmental stewardship, if you're looking for not using forestry as a properly managed renewable resource as per se not harvesting trees we are not your clementine.  FMS requires human use of forestry resources but forces efficiency that is literally measurable in millions of percentiles better than current practices.  In short, we use 1/10 or less of the trees currently harvested to do the same things current wood products do. But, our materials reach many other markets as “cross-overs.”  
One of the struggles we anticipate is belief. The too good to be true seems prevalent in reaction to our messaging.  To combat messaging we have contracted professional media and marketing. 
Tentatively, an E3Lumber FMS unveiling will be at OSU/U of O Red Emersion TallWood design institute in 2022. 

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