Emurgent Call

Emurgent Call - Simply put, when you have Emurgent Call installed, any caller can let you know their call is emergent or urgent before you answer, so you know to answer.

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Does it solve a problem?

90% of people ignore their incoming calls. Regardless of the reason, now people who have Emurgent Call will know which call is important and which is not, which to answer and which to not.

Whether they are screening their calls, busy, on another call, or just don't feel like talking, anyone can alert them the call is important and they need to answer.

What is the market?

1. Nearly  3 billion Android and iOS users, both of which own 100% of the smartphone market.

2. Anyone with a standard carrier or VoIP can use Emurgent Call.

3. Four of five people surveyed said they would use Emurgent Call.


1. New category & concept.

2. Patent-pending.

3. Potential customers is 3 billion.

4. Four of five people surveyed would purchase Emurgent Call.

5. Profit margin is over 95%.

6. Will work with standard carrier and VoIP.


We are working with Crowdbotics, a leader in mobile application development.  Emurgent Call will be available for Android and iOS mobile devices.


The patents cover the functionality of alerting
an incoming call is important, and a flashing
red screen.

Emurgent Call leads to be the only application
that can alert if an incoming call is important.

Emurgent Call will be available in most

How does it work?

If your call is emergent or urgent, simply...

1. Call...

2. After the call connects, press any key or say "emergent" or "urgent"...

3. Emurgent Call is activated on their phone and they're alerted your call is emergent or urgent with a flashing red screen, the caption "Emurgent" and a distinctive ring.

It will offer features, such as:

1. Restrict any caller from activating it, if they abuse it.

2. Telemarketers and spam callers are blocked from activating it.

3. Users can select to only have people in their contacts, be able to activate Emurgent Call.

 Offering 15% equity for $200,000, plus a royalty until investment is returned 3x.

www.emurgentcall.com for videos and demos.

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