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HI! The name of my business is Emperor J.S. Jarvais Business Corporation. It is a cryptocurrency business. I am planning on hiring 2 cryptocurrency workers from the New York City and having them trade for $30,000 each. The fee for the building will be $500 per person. Both computers will be worth $3000 each coming up to $6,000. Their pay each will be $3,500 per month coming up to $7000. I believe that we can profit an excess of $10,000 per day per trader and your loan can be paid within a year. We can safely say that $5,000,000 can be reached within a year. An expansion will be in place to make it 6 workers for six months than 100 after the first year, but it's in due time. I have a master's in management from Strayer University and believe that the field of Finance is the only way to get rich. I’ am in a Financial Management DBA program that starts on August 29th, 2022 at Northcentral University and wishes to be the best capital leader in the market. I am requesting a loan of $85,000 with interest paid within a year. If you are an equity investor then I will donate 15% of the company profit for the loan for a 6 months period equating to more than $360,000 for that period. My business plan can be sent to your private email after your response. My private email is [email protected] and my cell phone number is 240-736-5693. Thanks! 

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