Emerging Vertical Agriculture

Raising $1M to fund my Vertical Agriculture business.

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Currently developing a vertical Farm to grow potatoes, in the Maryland area.  Our potential customers have the need for over 500K lbs of potatoes a day.    My group would like to tap into this market and gradually increase our foothold.  
Our intial plans put us at being able to produce around 19K lbs a day.  At  .78/lb we are expecting to break 5M gross sales for a 12 month period.  

Vertical farming is not a new concept, but we intend to perfect it, and expand it to other produces.   
My team is seasoned professionals.  I myself have over 30 years in business, from consulting in the technology world and want to apply what I have learned through the years to the agriculture industry.   I have professionals that know how to grow produce.

Our business model is to keep a constant production of potatoes so that we have a harvest every day.  That is 19K lbs of potatoes every day.  Each of our projected 70 bays will produce (19K lbs) once at full capacity.   

A little bit about our potential customers.   They are in the business of making snacks.  Mainly potato chips, and other snacks our closest customer is 37 miles away.  Which gives us the distinct advantage over traditional farmers.  We can produce, harvest and ship a "bay" every day.   Where as currently these snack makers have to import the potatoes from Idaho, Georgia,  and other states around the nation, which as you can imagine adds to the cost.  

Our short term goal is to get these potential customers to tentatively agree to purchase our potatoes and then we will have a built in customer base to build on.

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