Emergent Reply Imminent Crisis (ERIC) mobile app

Seeking $300K to bring the ERIC personal safety app to market for seniors and people with disabilities.

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JAERIMY, is a SBA certified Veteran Owned Business, founded by Air Force veteran R. Keith Tademy [in], is poised to launch the Emergent Reply Imminent Crisis mobile application (ERIC). Designed to ensure wellness and personal safety for individuals living alone who may have chronic health conditions, disabilities, or may be elderly.  The genesis of ERIC lies in a deeply personal experience. The founder, faced with health challenges just two weeks after the death of his wife, realized he needed an effective and hands-free emergency communication system to notify his family to check in on his safety and his special needs son Eric, the app's namesake.  Systems like Life Alert require the user to initiate a call for assistance. But what if you’re unable to press a button or speak?  ERIC distinguishes itself by its proactive approach. The app operates autonomously, triggering distress calls based on predefined events or situations, without requiring any user interaction. This feature is especially vital for individuals who might be unable to manually activate a call for help, such as during sleep or if incapacitated. 


Capital Required:
We are raising funds in form of SAFEs.  We are seeking $300,000 in working capital.

Use of Funds:
  • Marketing
  • Continued app development, testing, hosting, smart home integration -  Alexa Echo integration completed, Currently working on Google Nest integration.
  • Integration into the Matter smart home protocol, IFTTT platform, Apple Home Kit & Samsung SmartThings.
  • Partnership development with local agencies that provide government-funded services to our target customers.

The ERIC app is highly marketable due to its unique value proposition, experienced leadership, growing waitlist [1300], adaptable revenue model, significant market potential, diverse target demographics, and well-crafted go-to-market strategy. With the right execution, ERIC is well-positioned to capture a substantial share of the Personal Safety Apps market, driven by its innovative features and strategic approach:

1. Unique Selling Proposition: ERIC's auto check-in function, which operates in the background, addresses a critical issue that competitors often overlook - the inability to initiate a call for assistance. This unique selling proposition sets ERIC apart in the market.

2. Experienced Leadership: The addition of Navy veteran Dr. Ty Vachon and industry expert Dave Musante as advisors adds significant credibility and expertise to the project. Their backgrounds in Medical AI, Imaging Informatics, and technical knowledge are valuable assets.

3. Growing Waitlist: The nearly 1300 people on the waitlist demonstrate a strong demand for the app. This eager interest from potential users is a positive sign of market readiness.

4. Revenue Model: The subscription-based revenue model, offering tiered pricing options (Basic=$3.99, Deluxe=$9.99, Annual=$99), provides flexibility to cater to various user segments, enhancing market accessibility and scalability.

5. Market Potential: The global PERS and Personal Safety Apps market is substantial ($7B), with North America accounting for a significant share (36%). The projected growth of the senior population reinforces the long-term market potential for ERIC. The US Census estimates that the senior population (65+) will exceed current its level of 44M to 80M by the year 2050.  Seniors living at home alone [14M] is estimated to reach 30M by 2050.

6. Demographic Diversity: ERIC's target demographics include individuals (50+) who live alone with chronic health conditions, disabilities, and the elderly, as well as their middle-aged children seeking solutions to help their parents live independently for as long as possible. This broad demographic focus aligns with the evolving needs of an aging population.

7. Strategic Partnerships and GTM Strategy: The planned partnerships with senior influencers and local governments, as well as online marketing campaigns, demonstrate a well-thought-out go-to-market strategy. These initiatives will help reach the intended audience effectively.

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