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I have a fantastic idea that many have not thought about.    I want to create a company that sells an entire ready-made electric bike rental company.   I'm positive that there is no such business that I can find in any search engine that provides this service.
 I have developed a relationship with a manufacturer over the last year and a half.    The company is Located in China and most manufacturers are located in China.  I have found a company that can produce the numbers I would need after this company grows.  

The company I have a relationship with also is my supplier for my business in Las Vegas NV.  The rental firm can also turn to sales in most areas.  This company produces bikes that retail from 3580-7580$$$   They are super high quality.  The higher the price, the better the components.   The company has been in business for 10 years and has built 12,000 bikes.  Recently, the company has upgraded its manufacturing facilities, including frame production, painting 

The residual income from setting up a profitable rental business is staggering.   The purchaser of this business is looking to implement a rental fleet for tourists to ride per hour, per half day, and full day.   The average per hour domestically is 17-25$ an hour per bike.    

Half days in Las Vegas with 6-8 riders average 100-150$ per trip.  The business is ready-made and can be started immediately once the fleet is delivered, checked, and prepped for customers to ride.

Customers can sign-up with their custom-made app(this can be omitted but I want all names/logos to be uniform and customized)   

Logos can be custom designed for customers' preferences.    The manufacturer I have a relationship with can create custom bikes as well for different situations.   

Looking for investment to grow and create the actual company that supports the rental fleets all over the country.    The investment is to be used to create a pathway for entrepreneurs to grow and have large rental fleets.  

I have 2 people that help me.   I'd really like to grow so large that I could give bikes away to people that need transportation.  This is why I'm doing this but also selling and rent bikes in Las Vegas and Southern California. 

Thanks so much can't wait to meet the person that wants to not only have a fun, entertaining business partner, but an adventure.  E-bikes gain in popularity daily.

All people can ride an electric bike because of the assist it offers!!!   Thanks so much!!!!

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