El Aguachile Restaurant y Bar

I am raising $200k to remodel my restaurant and further expand the building to accommodate for a bar and a patio for outside entertainment.

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We serve Sinaloense style seafood and authentic Mexican food. We host live music for our customers on the weekends. Our building is in need of remodeling, our customers return because they love the food. We get nothing but great feed back and see a steady growth in sales every month. We live in a booming town in Texas and any new building that pops up people flood to it, Ive seen other businesses  have steady customers the first 2 weeks after opening but the food is so horrendous they put it up for sale a year later. Thats how we were able to snatch this opportunity with only an initial investment of $14k. 
We also own a home with an appraised value of $139k that could be used as collateral. 

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