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Looking to purchase 8 gas stations doing 20mil revenue

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I am a 30 year old doing snack/drink vending machines, and would like to branch out and do c-stores/gas stations since most of the products in gas stations I sell anyway. Thus I have lower prices as my volume. I am trying to build my assets and grow faster than I am.  Willing to pay a high intrest rate for funding. Since I have most stuff in place I should have lower overhead and can supply the stores as well to lower cost.
These funds would pay for the 8 gas stations along with cstores included.  I would be able to supply the stores as well with most items to cut out cost, clean them up and all will have new paint and branding thus bringing more sales. Will also offer cash pricing on gas to get people in to the store to buy.  I would like someone to help fund this and willing to pay a 20% interest with it being paid off in a few years!

Thank You

Ethan Copley
[email protected]

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