Eek Games, LLC

Raising $500k for upfront costs for closing a deal with a mega pop-star for a paid add-on to our overnight sensation video game.

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We are expanding our overnight-sensation video game that's already sold close to $10M in gross sales to include a major award winning and current pop star as a separately purchasable downloadable content pack.  We will be 3D modeling the celebrity in question and creating an extensive story-line in the game where players can actually interact with her in real time and it will be fully voice-acted by the star herself.  It is a totally unique concept and we already have the attention of some pretty major celebrities who are ready to sign a deal with us.

The deal is pending getting the upfront cost and we are looking for an angel investor to help.  There are multiple opportunities here as we have multiple celebrities interested.  More details can be shared after an NDA is signed.  We have a solid business plan and this will be a very profitable endeavor, with our game's growing player base and exceptionally strong ongoing sales as testament to that.

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