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The Company
•Edward Henry Company was founded in 2009, but reinvented in 2019.
•The company developed training systems to overcome training adoption that has been a constant challenge to many companies specifically since 2006 when technology and CRM became mainstream selling practice.
•Company has developed 6 training and system products that solve all selling and management challenges affecting nearly every company in many different industries.
•Currently ready for expansion throughout North America via Licensed Partner Program.

Companies are developing massive amounts of sales waste as they attempt to develop selling processes that are not overwhelmed with administration and other non-selling activities.  This includes over-training, excessive post servicing, and constant sales engagement threats.
Companies struggle with lack of transparency in sales pipeline, forecasting accuracy and consistency related to poor sales process and cycle management, as well as training in many areas of adoption. There is a constant failure to maintain customer commitments and as an end result of poor management and customer cycles, promises are not delivered on when they are supposed to.

•Our complete suite of selling and training systems reduce costly sales waste and increase profitability, beginning immediately after implementation.
•There is complete pipeline transparency in reducing management time investigating opportunity management and sales forecasting.
•Improved training adoption – selling is practiced in the field with the same consistency as training… process followed correctly and with transparency.
•Overall transparency improves sales performance and customer service standards. Customer deliverables are performed as communicated and completed when promised.

•Champ Camp – Leadership training and coaching on our complete suite of products
•Sales Control Plan Management – Manager in a box, complete selling manual, CRM workflow, and audits for reducing sales waste
•Hard Target Selling – Strategic business to business and C-Level Selling 
•Social Distance Selling – Remote selling designed to control customer engagement
•SELL HONEST – Our flagship program and the pride of our entire selling offering. It is also promoted in our book called CTB Stop CONvincing, Start Selling

•Our products are promoted by Edward Henry Company staff and soon to be promoted by sales trainers to become Licensed EHCO Partners in various protected territories throughout Canada and the United States. Our offering is to provide a sales training business with a complete suite of the best selling and training systems available. 
•Our office is also able to provide support assistance in accessing government subsidy in Canada that reimburses approximately 85% of the prospects training costs. We can offer this opportunity to our Canadian partners with administration and application support.

Game Change - Sales Control Plan Management 
  • Eliminate opportunities gone cold due to inactivity or missed deliverables
  • Sales Pulse provides the transparent metrics needed to control engagement
  • Sales Defense engages with the prospect when the sales representatives fails to connect or deliver to makes sure that the customer and company do not suffer for sales incompetency
  • CRM - LMS interconnection provides active training metrics and automated training tasks based on performance metrics

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