Using AI to save lives in dangerous work environments.

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Edify.ai is a SAAS software company using AI to improve safety and save lives in dangerous industries like construction, mining, energy, utilities, and manufacturing.  Edify.ai's technology was started when a large construction company had two terrible accidents in one year--one employee died and another was paralyzed.  The company created a mobile app that was designed to personalize safety for every employee, help each worker create a safety mindset as they work throughout the day, and finally drive a culture of safety from the CEO all the down to every frontline worker.  The technology was incredibly successful and the company saw a significant reduction in accidents and injuries.  Edify acquired that technology and rebuilt it on a modern platform--and that is what forms the basis of Edify today.

We have contracts with one of the largest construction companies in North America, as well as one of the largest tech companies in the world that is spending $7B+ on construction each year.  As safety is driven by insurance, we recently executed a contract with the largest construction insurance brokerage in the US, and with a large, regional workman's comp insurance provider.  Via these strategic partnerships, there is over $20M in potential ARR just by leveraging the existing network effects of our current clients.

Please see our WeFunder crowd campaign with lots of additional information at https://wefunder.com/edifyai/

We will finish out 2020 around $500K in revenue, and expect 2021 to be around $2M in revenue, growing to $6M in 2022.  

Under NDA, the company is happy to share the details with prospective investors.

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