Eco-Refinery Corporation - Green Energy

Eco-Refinery seeks pre-IPO financing of up to US$10mm for: Engineering, Permits, Land, and G&A

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Eco-Refinery is in the early stages of developing a GREEN ENERGY infrastructure type project, a Gas-To-Liquids [GTL] Plant, to be built in Alberta Canada in modular stages at a cost of US$305 million per module, up to 10 modules for US$3.05 billion; IRR of > 25%, excellent gross cashflow of ~ US$ 204 million per year per module [US$2.04 billion/yr when built out], and with less than a 2 year payback!  The first module will produce 4,000 bpd of GTL Diesel having: zero sulphur, lower CO2, and higher cetane, of 70 vs. 50 [conventional diesel].
Eco-Refinery seeks pre-IPO financing of up to US$ 10 mm for: Engineering, Land Payment, Permitting, and G&A through to our IPO for US$305 million.
Eco-Refinery is open to financing via debt, equity, or Joint Venture/Farmin financing.
For additional information, contact: 
Bruce A Thomson, B.A.Sc., President, CEO, Founder 
[email protected] 


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