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Raising $10,000,000 to expand out team and buy more RE using the BRRR method

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Executive summary

Ever since we bought our first rental property back in 2017 we knew we wanted to get more real estate. We discovered the BRRRR method and realized if you do it right, you can indefinitely invest in real estate. 

We also realized a lot of people like real estate but don’t have the time or don’t want to put in the time to really get into it. That’s why a lot of people just put their money into syndications, RE funds and private equity groups. We realized though, that there is our opportunity. When they do this, often times they don’t truly own the real estate. They often times don’t even get all the tax benefits for doing so. Earn Portfolios would have our own portfolio that we build but also offer our services to others to grow their portfolios as well.  

We have several connections in the door to door space and the NFL in which many of them would love for us to grow their real estate portfolio for them. They understand that if the price of one home can buy them 100 homes, it’s invaluable. 

So we need some more capital in Earn portfolios. This would help us get some more employees and pay for some more marketing. We are looking for $20 million.  $2 million would go to operations (payroll, marketing) while the other $18M would go straight to working capital. This would cover us so even if we didn’t get anyone interested in our service of growing their own personal portfolios, we would still be self sufficient in building out our own portfolio indefinitely. 

At the same time, we would be working with other successful individuals who want us to grow them a real estate portfolio using the BRRRR method. 

Our goal is to have 5,000 rental units by 2033 in our personal portfolio with an additional 5,000 units in other portfolios we are creating for others. As our main investor you would own a percentage off all these properties and monthly profits. 

This gives the right investor an opportunity to get the benefits of both the real estate and venture side. 

Here is an example of deal we recently were involved in. 

Purchase price $105,000, rehab costs of $68,000. All in $173,000. ARV (After rehab value) = $310,000. Cash out refinance at 75% ARV = $225,000. So our $173,000 cash became $225,000, we had a new property that we could rent out, rent covered the mortgage and gave us a 12% profit on a monthly basis = $273 dollar a month in profit. We then simply repeat the process over and over and over again. 

Check us out at EarnPortfolios.com

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