Earn Portfolios

Raising $1,500,000 for 20% of Earn Portfolios. Secured by a $2M property to eliminate your risk. Projected 3x return in 3 years.

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 EARN PORTFOLIOS -  (https://www.earnportfolios.com/)A new kind of Real estate investment firm 
Earn Portfolios is looking for an equity partner who will allow us to put together a team of seasoned BRRRR investors. We will then be able to continually purchase properties, not only for ourselves but also for passive investors. 

We are looking for $1.5m for 20% of Earn Portfolios. Secured by a $2m property to drastically reduce your risk. Projected 3x return in 3 years. 

Once we have the operating capital, we will go continually purchase properties for ourselves, while also going out and finding investors who want us to continually purchase properties for them. We already have 4 soft commitments totaling 22M with 9 others interested in their own portfolio with us. We also have relationships with lenders that will lend 100% or purchase price and rehab costs, up to 70% ARV. Plus a lender willing to give us $100m line of credit after we can show 12 months keeping a minimum of $20m busy. 

Why investors will want a portfolio with us.
    ⁃    Continually purchase properties (purchase price + rehab < 75% ARV)
    ⁃    Continual tax benefits. We give them 100% of the tax benefits from the properties. 
    ⁃    Discounted short term rental properties. 

We have done 14 properties in the last 24 months. 100+ properties total across the team. 

Experience in SF, MF, storage units, and RV parks. With this great experience on our team, we have the right properties in the pipeline and relationships with banks & partners to continually purchase properties. 

Being the main investor, you will benefit from every property we purchase moving forward. Sit back and enjoy quarterly distributions with an opportunity to sell back your equity to us
 for 2.5 - 3x return in 3 years.

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