DW Digital Imagery & Associates, LLC

Enterprise Aerial & Drone Training Facility - Virtual Drone Simulator Training

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DW Digital Imagery & Associates (DWDI) is a family owned business specializing in the use of UAS (Drone) technology for multiple applications. DWDI was founded by CEO – Owner Jonathan Denton in Frisco, TX and became a LLC corporation on June 30, 2017.  We are asking for $500,000 to help start a new enterprise service for drone pilot  and data collection training. Furthermore, we want to include training for aquatic drone operators by implementing 1 to 2  (1,000 gallon) water tanks in our proposed training center located in Frisco, TX. Finally, we are working with an application development company to deploy a seamless online drone simulator service to allow operators all over the world to pay and connect to a virtual version of the simulator and fly directly from their PC or laptop. Finally, we are passionate about all aspects of drone technology and want to grow our business exponentially and create jobs.  To view a financial forecast model we created in Tableau, click the following link below.


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