Drynks, Inc.

Raising $500K to market our completed platform and adopt users.

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Here is our site www.drynks.com

Here is our link to our Pitch Deck  https://www.drynks.com/investors

Our site is fully functioning and operational.  We need funds to properly market and adopt users.

While other dating sites focus on looks, DrYnks lets you woo potential partners by offering more. Date smarter with the secure platform that’s designed to give successful professionals a competitive edge. Traditional online dating platforms force people to fit into a particular box. They need to look a certain way or say specific things to get the attention of a potential partner. DrYnks understands that this approach is ineffective, at best, because it forces serious daters to compete against those with other interests. Instead of relying on looks (or pictures of yachts) to attract dates, DrYnks lets members date on their own terms. Woo potential dates with gifts, entice someone’s interest with a chat, or connect over video and get to know each other online first. DrYnks encourages all of its members to lead with their strengths- whatever they may be. Online dating sites are a great place to start when you’re searching for a date, either because you are new-in-town or newly single. However, they aren’t much better than posting a dating ad and hoping someone responds. Singles need a way to show who they really are and what they have to offer. Sure, you could go to a bar and buy some (hopefully) available singles a drink, but are they even interested? How many bars would you have to visit to find an attractive person to join you on a date?

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