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Raising 100k to bring thermal drone services to market.

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I am trying to bring thermal drone operations to my city. There is no other local company offering thermal drone services in my city so the vast many different markets are untouched by competition.  A few  problems that we are going to focus on at first are the crime rate and local police shortages here in New Orleans, LA, solar panel inspections, building energy efficiency inspections, the feral hog population crisis in Louisiana and lastly disaster response aid to local governments. I am the owner and drone operator and will be the pilot for all operations once the need for more pilots becomes apparent I will be bringing on more pilots as needed. The funding I am asking for will be used for a few things. It will cover the cost of the drone and thermal camera along with a thermal drone certification class which I can’t take until I have the equipment to properly know how to use it , insurance for the new drone and camera. Remaining funding will be used to purchase a new reliable vehicle to get across state and further to complete jobs plus insurance and a new computer system to process the thermal imaging from jobs. It will cover maintenance parts for the drone and extra batteries and protective cases for both camera and drone. I have spoken with local governments and city department leaders who show very high interest in what I am trying to provide and basically need to be able to produce results I am capable of delivering to seal the deal and getting contracts with them. I have my part 107 commercial drone license and have been flying drones for 3 years now. Louisiana is a state that has not taken grasp of the benefits of drone technology yet and once they do see what results and benefits this technology possesses it will catch on like wildfire. It just needs someone like me with the knowledge skill passion and drive to introduce it to the people here for them to see the results and benefits and then they will fully understand and be open to adopting this technology. I have been awarded the small and emerging business enterprise certification along with the Hudson initiative certification and currently have a application in for my SBE certification and once awarded that I will be also awarded the DBE certification as well. I have my FEMA ICS-100 certificate and am working on more at this time to work with fema during emergency situations such as hurricanes and floods. Once funded and I have the tools needed to provide the results all other pieces are in place and will fall right into place. Thermal is just the start and the areas of application are just the beginning. New ways to apply thermal drone technology towards is being developed every day. So the market is growing daily. I will be adding the capability of LiDAR down the road to add another level of inspection that is going to take off in the coming future and has started already. I have flown more than 200 flight hours with drones and flown more then 4 million feet and completed almost 1,220 flights to date. 

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