Raising 3 million for DreamPlay - A live streaming platform for the next generation of gamers

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Our project name is DreamPlay. DreamPlay is live streaming for the next generation of gamers. We believe that the audience and demographic are tweens, and young adults and casual gamers. These gamers are striving for a platform with a conscience. Long are the days of trolls and bullying on current platforms. We want to build a platform will tools that make gaming and streaming more inclusive and welcoming. We want to reward those who contribute positively to the live streaming community. 

Who is our first target market in 2021? Video game players 14-25 years of age. There are over 200 million video game players in North American and close to 500 million gamers and enthusiasts who watch streamers play their favorite video games. In fact, did you know that eSports and game streamers take up 1% of the internets overall bandwidth? 

Our revenue model is subscriptions, partnerships, and tips.

We have three founders on the team. Anthony Redoblado, Brandon Morales, and Johnny Ho. Anthony has over 15 years of experience in digital media and worked at companies like Mercury Filmworks, IMAX, and Microsoft. Brandon Morales worked at companies like Parmalat and Microsoft and spent years programming. Johnny Ho has over 15 years of experience in digital media. Johnny was one of the first to work in AR / VR projects in Europe and Hong Kong. Johnny also worked at Dracco.

From bootstrapping, we got 5000 users to sign up to validate the potential of the idea. We are now spending time on fleshing out the project and getting product market fit. 

We are raising 3 million dollars to get 1.5 million to 2 million users on the site which will equal 1-2 million in revenue in the later half of 2021. Our main goal is to get users. Funding will be used for ongoing development, operational costs, and marketing.

Although we are in lockdown, we are working virtually. We are confident this is a great opportunity to build and launch as everyone is at home and looking for ways to connect and communicate. If you an investor in the entertainment space and love video games, then please do reach out and join team DreamPlay. Thanks!

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