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Raising $10k to Build Our Every Child a Reader Platform - Allowing Parents to Take Their Child's Education Into Their Own Hands

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We are a small business startup that is in the process of building an online platform that allows parents to teach their children how to read.  Our team includes a Speech Language Pathologist/Dyslexia Therapist and a Certified Teacher with a Major in Special Education as well as a Masters Degree in Instructional Design and Curriculum Development. We specialize in the Science of Reading, which is a body of research that tells us exactly how children learn to read. There is a crisis in our nation in regard to education with 54% of the adults in the United States reading below a 6th grade level. This platform will be fully digital and include many engaging activities, printable items, audio and video tutorials. Our goal is to make this accessible to all families. Reading intervention can range anywhere from $200-600 per month. Our program will cost less than $200 for the year. 

 We have been putting our own funds together to build the platform, but are in need of some additional funding to complete the platform. Our motto is "Every Child a Reader" and this is the name of our program as well. There is a lot of interest in ECR and we are working tirelessly to get it ready and functional. We've recently been contacted by a school who is interested in implementing this into classrooms. We have parents who are eager to take control of their children's education. 

Although we have a heart for those with dyslexia and this program is essential for those with dyslexia, this methodology works for all students. Many with dyslexia are successful entrepreneurs, athletes, actors, and authors. Giving children access to reading allows them to feel confident in themselves, explore and learn about their unique talents and gifts, improves the economy, creates jobs and helps families to escape poverty. 

We would be happy to set up a phone or zoom call to discuss our project further. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve children and families across the nation. 

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