Menswear brand raising seed funding

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My name is Lee Chester. 
I am a fashion designer. My first collection was a women’s apparel collection, it was a collaboration with brand SHEIN. After a successful collection debut with the company. I want to expand as a designer and brand by developing my own fashion apparel brand. I am seeking an angel investor or business partner to invest in the start up and creation of my menswear apparel brand. The $25,000 investment I’m seeking will cover the following: 
-trademarking business actual name (D.N.C is a placeholder for real name)
-website development 
-marketing tool (photoshoots, campaign videos) 
-marketing (Instagram Ads, billboards, pop up events)

 D.N.C  is about more than a clothing line. It’s a lifestyle. It’s living your life passionately to make your dreams your reality. 

D.N.C will start out specializing in  ( jeans, and cargo) pants for men. 6 designs have been illustrated for visualization of what signature items will look like.  Sample is in development 

If interested in learning more, I have a pitch deck ready and I am open to meetings in person/zoom. 

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D.N.C is no longer seeking funding.