Dream Investments

Raising $500,000 to create over 2million in profits in less than six months to prove efficiency of our company’s trading style.

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I created a hedge fund company with a unique investment strategy, it revolves around disruptive innovation.  I seek capital as an opportunity to grow our results, which already produces Alpha returns. In less than six months, we’ve returned 125% to investors.  I need ambitious investors who are intelligent and defiant. Let’s defy industry standards together! I will challenge  how fast and consistent we make money and grow our portfolio. By actively trading and using in depth information to maneuver the market. Unlike passively traded funds that take huge loses due to lack of inactivity.  The stock market isn’t gambling nor should it be an eccentric collection of mediocre businesses. It’s a tool if used correctly gives your money  employment for your dreams! Let’s scale for your future by investing in your Dream. 

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