Dragon's Keep

Raising money to open a one stop Gaming shop in Albuquerque NM. We have experience in running a game store. This will allow us to hire employee's & give back to the community.

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We are looking to open a new gaming store that is a one stop shop for the different types of games in our area. We will be stabilizing our income by combining the snacks for the gamers who play in our space, and climate controlled storage under one roof.

1. Dragon's Keep - The main game store, will have board games, private rentable rooms with gaming tables  as well as other equipment for storytelling. Can be used for Corporate meetings during times that gaming is not expected.

2. Artemis Card Store - The secondary game store that covers all card games as well as some anime figures.

3. Munchies Market - A corner store to provide for the needs of customers for food and drink while in store playing. Customers are not allowed to bring in outside food.

4. Fortress Storage - Climate controlled storage in house. 

All of these businesses support each other in  smoothing out the bumps and bobs inherent in game stores.  This is designed so that with the support between the businesses we can take care of any lull in business.

We have three partners one of whom is already running a smaller game store that is implementing the providing of snacks and it is helping his bottom line to stay consistent. The other is a Veteran communications expert who will be handling the advertising of the business, and the third has experience in customer service as well as knowledge of  working with computer systems.

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