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I am raising 500k to buy more ASIC mining equipment (cryptocurrency).

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100% ROI in 60 days based on current price of Kaspa coin. I am looking for 500k to buy machines to mine Cryptocurrency. I have the order lined up and the hosting facility is in New York.  The machines are KS3M miners and they produce 6th/s the hosting facility charges rent of .08usd/kwh all in. The coin Kaspa similar yet different from bitcoin instead of halving its block rewards are cut into 1/12 every month.  Which means less rewards, but should inflate the price of the coin. Demand stays the same supply goes down price goes up.  My team, to mitigate risk, will sell Kaspa once a week at ideal times using technical analysis. This will pay for the rent, and also return your capital.  We will convert Kaspa into BTC then into USD and wire transfer it into the business bank account.  You have the option of being paid back in USD or cryptocurrency.  My predictions are based on current price level of kaspa at 13 cents. I am NOT basing the returns on an inflated price. Please see attached crypto mining calculator to check stats for yourself.


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