Development of Sani-Gloves

Raising money to bring Sani-Gloves to the public.

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IBurns Inc. est. in 2016!! Or first responsibility is to the customer. Meeting their needs to bring them a high quality products. We have developed a new product Sani-gloves -- a biodegradable, sanitizing, disinfecting, disposable , non-woven cotton gloves.  The focus and need on sanitization and germ mitigation has been more prominent and critical than ever. Alongside this global pandemic arose the improper and uneducated use of gloves as everyday people unsuccessfully tried their best to keep their hands clean of germs which resulted in much cross contamination. Our new invention gloves which are infused on the outside with at least 63% alcohol so that the gloves will effectively kill 99.9% of any viruses, germs, or bacteria upon contact. These gloves will be eco-friendly, biodegradable, and for lack of a better term, fool-proof. They will be easy and intuitive to use and eliminates the ricks of cross contamination. This will promote greater health and sanitization with the ability to greatly slow down the pandemic and any others that may come. Considering these benefits to health and society, given that the product would not be terribly costly to manufactures, I am confident that there is a HUGE potential for significant sales and profit margins.

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