Raise $1-3 million to add personnel, expand infrastructure and begin production of hardware products

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Detect-It™ is Coder-Free Neural Net Lifecycle Management software which allows anyone to create neural nets, train them, deploy them, recall them and archive them, all without any coding knowledge. We like to call it "AI For Everyone." 

Launched in October we are looking to raise early stage capital to expand and increase production and staffing to support our rollout. We have been self-funded to date by founder but need to ramp up now and are looking for $1-3 million in capital. 

Detect-It™ will generate revenue 4 ways; Packaged Hardware/Software Products for the Industrial, Municipal and Consumer market segments initially (with eyes on medical and military segments after successful rollout); Leasing of Detect-It™ Nets for industrial, municipal and consumer market segments (monthly fees); Custom Solutions for clients (that then have the potential to be leveraged into additional packaged products);  and standalone Software Products for deployment onsite at industrial manufacturers.

ARKK Engineering, with a 35-year history as a global provider of systems design, integration and engineering services, is currently the exclusive systems integrator for Detect-It™ in the Industrial and Municipal sectors. ARKK Engineering has an extensive established customer base including General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda as well as all Tier 1 auto suppliers.  (

We have demonstrated Detect-It™ to several established customers and currently have a major Tier 1 auto supplier signed up to utilize Detect-it™ in their production environment. We have set up Detect-It™ Demo Stations in our Oak Park office where we will invite customers to come see Detect-It™ in action. We also have several patents filed and pending on Detect-It™ technology and more filings on the way.

Overview and product demo videos can be found at our YouTube channel:

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