Desert Stage Properties LLC

raising $5mil to take over 255 sites in 2 cities for affordable housing/recreation for visitors or long term.

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 Desert Stage Properties LLC. -Has a nose for bargain properties. On public records can show a 88.2% profit on a property. Want to share my expertise. By bringing many people to town for the affordability .To make the community thrive again. With the right advertising and adding fun activities, This will be a success story -formed LLC in 2019
basically a start -up- venture here. I personally had 60 keep or flip  properties. I have owned all on public records . In California and Kansas. After giving half away in 
2 divorces then being a single parent living -off investments to b stay at home parent. Starting at ground zero with child reared-up now.
  • Two long-term parks comprised of 175 RV sites and 80 cabin sites with an improving operating history.

  • There is 5 acres of vacant land at one of the parks included in the sale that could be used to expand the community. With recreation and a small water park.
  • adding rec/computer / gaming room and tent sites , for there a shortage for campgrounds also/across the USA.

  • Coffeyville has shrunk 15.9% since the year 2000. Coffeyville, Kansas's growth is extremely below average. 98% of similarly sized cities are growing faster ...
Coffeyville is currently declining at a rate of -0.89% annually and its population has decreased by -11.50% since ... Year, Population, Growth, Growth Rate ...

Rent it Low to keep em. MY Moto-  tenants long term. Who would want to move @ 400. per mo times 80 = $32,000. X'S .75% actual income be$ 24,000. estimate 4 vacancy/repair.
Minus A live-on -premises-Manager. x's 2 sites. exchange for rent on 2 cabin units.
Then we have 175 R.V. sites @ $20.00 a-nite -remember keep it low. 175 X 20. =$3,500. nightly X's 30 =$105,000.x's .75% =78,750. actual estimated 
round-off total = 100,000. per mo income minus 5 mil mortgage= $25000. per mo @ 6% interest only =$75,000.minus 50%vacancy rate cushion leaves $ 37,500. monthly income.
For growth /advertising/ creativity/ solar/ grid +adding more fun things to do/adding  larger cabins/utilities/repairs/ saving for pay-off in 10years. Higher income as with growth.
Travelers will re-route their trip for nightly saving, Industry workers will always re-turn for the saving too. Thanks for reading 

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