Desert Hearts Nursing and Home Care, LLC

Growing In Home Care Agency looking to expand with disabled pediatrics to seniors

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Company opened on October 25, 2021

Desert Hearts Nursing and Home Care was founded on my personal experiences. My family and I relocated to Mohave County in 2019. Just weeks following our move, my son, Bradley, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Due to the distance of Phoenix Children’s Hospital, I immediately began searching for private duty nursing to help with remote lab draws and medication but was unsuccessful. With no help in Mohave County, I was unable to bring my son home following chemotherapies and transplants until medically cleared.   
As a co-founder, I am fulfilled in my career role as the Executive Director. I dedicate myself to admitting new patients, offering support to others in our community, referring to other agencies, and assisting in providing the highest quality of care to our patients and their loved ones.   
Desert Hearts Nursing and Home Care is also a concierge to many senior and pediatric resources, at no cost.  We are here to serve everyone with excellence and compassion.

Desert Hearts has had some growing pains and looking to expand to offer services to the Department of  disabilities (DDD) and VA. 

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