Der Grow

We produce high-quality, competitively priced precision-cannabis for wholesale distribution

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We produce high-quality, competitively priced cannabis for wholesale distribution. Precision cannabis starts with select strains that are chosen for their unique chemical composition, reproducibility, and client feedback.  Our cannabis is grown in environmentally controlled and pharmaceutical grade settings to ensure that high quality and reproducibility.

At derGROW,  we stress sustainability,  competitive prices, and only the highest quality cannabis grown and manicured to perfection.

The lack of high-quality, affordable cannabis flower in Oklahoma increases the price, and lowers the quality of all cannabis flower in the Oklahoma market. The limited knowledge and research capabilities within the Oklahoma cannabis industry leads to suboptimal cannabis and incorrect market segmentation.  This leads to market barriers, which prevent more innovative products from entering the market.

We want to give clients and the market what they want -- the best.

We are cultivators, teachers, technicians, medical research scientists, and musicians.  We are passionate and creative individuals who believe in building something bigger than ourselves.  We believe in the power of medicinal cannabis — we believe in the power of precision cannabis.

We have over 30 years of combined experience in cannabis horticulture and biomedical research, and we are poised to bring a new era of high-quality and competitively-priced medicinal cannabis into the market.

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