Delite Enterprise (HTeao)/ Georgia

Steeped in tradition, brewed with passion, welcome to the world of tea HTEAO twenty-seven different flavors of freshly brewed tea where you can sip into serenity with every flavor

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I am a woman that is ready to being her journey of entrepreneurship and open her dream business of teas that I am so very passionate about. Starting this business is based on expanding the market and increasing the products of teas with different flavors in all natural drinks. By my own personal health and wealthiness journey of tea connoisseur tea brewing provides more health advantages than others by, boost your immune system, fight off inflammation and much more. by selecting me you will be investing in a black woman own business research shows that black woman are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs making financial head ways. Investing in my company will. provide me with the necessary resource to get on the path to success and give me the opportunity to grow and thrive. Black women are in a position that is providing us with more visibility and important roles in our country like we have never seen before by providing the resource for my business you are in ambling us to elevate our voice to achieve the American dream of economic and social equality. I will need $150,000 to start and complete the building cost for building remodel and equipment cost. 

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