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Raising $100,000 to expand market reach and product line

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Although in business since 2017, I shut down operations at the end of  2018 for a complete rebranding and product research and reformulations. After my doors reopened mid-2019, online sales were $2,300 for that year. Sales thereafter have been as follows: (a combination of B2B wholesale and B2C online sales)
  • 2020: $37,000
  • 2021: $96,200
  • 2022: $159,000
  • 2023: $120,000 to date
Consistently receiving 5-star ratings and customer feedback online, I am days away from relaunching an improved and more robust website.  

In June 2021, by request, I created a candle line exclusively for a local supermarket. That quickly expanded to two more locations. I was then invited to sell my product in their local program.  By the end of 2021 I was in 23 locations; 2022 saw that number increase to 44 locations. As of today, with locations still increasing, my candles are in 68 locations across Ontario. 

My goal is to expand my existing luxury line of candles into health and wellness spas, retailers, etc. as well as expand the line to include additional home decor and fragrant products.

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