Del Lago Family Fun Center

Seeking $5.5 Million to finish build out of family fun center project. Project broke ground with all utilities complete to site.

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I have a fully approved turn key family fun center project in Patterson, CA. I have $2.5 million invested in land and out of pockets. Need $5.5 million to complete the project. All underground utilities have been constructed complete to the site. This location is within the larger Villa Del Lago project - a 50 acre project that I have developed.
I am looking for an equity partner for the funding, not a loan.
Currently, the structure as contemplated would be a 68.75% equity position available for the investor. I would maintain a 31.25% equity position in the L.L.C. There is no debt on the property.
A full and complete market study is available upon request. The project is in a captive market with no competition.

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Del Lago Family Fun Center is no longer seeking funding.