AI/ML Technology Solutions

Accelerating AI and Sensor Fusion Education and Innovations; AMTS formed October 2020, launched our MVP in December, and are at $10k rev / mth and growing.

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We are working to bring AI-Machine Learning offerings to the Education market, while also developing AI inspired offerings for industrial and government customers.

Help Us Accelerate AI Education for the Future of Texas
Focused on AI inspired product offerings, AI/ML Technology Solutions operates the 3 lines of business:
- Education & Training
- Consulting & ML Model Services
- Products & Integrations
Our 3 LOBs operate to drive innovative AI/ML solutions to develop the below solution:
“Cost effective hardware integrations coupled with scalable AI/ML models, that generate new insight, and evolve to your future needs.”
With a passion around providing educational opportunities in technology, we are connecting AI hands-on training to students, with the goal of creating a path from externships, internships, and first job opportunities.

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