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Raising $10M growth capital for on-demand luxury chauffeured service app

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About Dark Carz

Dark Carz (http://darkcarz.com) is an on-demand door-to-door chauffeured car service that provides more control to the end-user by allowing them to pick the specific vehicle they want to ride in from a range of new-model vehicles. It also gives the users the option to pick snacks, water, and Starbucks drinks that they want the chauffeur to bring with them when they are picked up. Rides can be ordered on-demand or scheduled in advance, and payments can be handled based on time-and-mileage or hourly basis. The company is operational across major cities in the US (including cities in California, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Washington, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and more), with additional cities (from within the US and internationally) being onboarded on a daily basis. Users can use the app to travel within the city or between cities with a guaranteed safe, clean, comfortable, discrete and quality experience. Users can also pin their favorite drivers for future ride prioritization, allowing them to build rapport with their chauffeurs over time.

The company partners with bonded licensed limousine companies with certified chauffeurs. Once a partner company signup is approved, they can list their drivers and vehicles and benefit from a backend dashboard with real-time vehicle tracking and analytics. Partner companies get next-day payouts through a transparent and equitable billing platform. Partners retain 80% of time-and-mileage or hourly fees, 90% of profits from snacks and beverages, and 100% of tips. 

The app is live and available for download and use on the App Store (Apple) and Play Store (Android). 

Problem with the industry:

The ride-hailing market is dominated by Uber and Lyft. Those apps do not cater to discerning customers that require a more premium and tailored experience. On the other hand, livery service companies are losing their customers to on-demand apps while bearing a heavy cost of idle resources. Livery companies that originally signed up for Uber’s “Black car” service are moving away because Uber has lost its prestige and is considered a non-luxury brand. This is leaving discerning customers with a lack of good options for higher quality on-demand rides where they can have more control over their experience.

Target market: 

The livery industry market is estimated at $49B and growing with most livery companies averaging 100 trips a week. The Dark Carz target market include discerning individuals who prefer a consistent and comfortable ride experience. This includes business travelers, celebrities, professionals, tourists, inter-city travelers, and other luxury travelers. 

Financials and funding:

Dark Carz just launched and is already revenue-positive. An initial investment of $4.2M was made by the founders for the development of the app. The company is projected to make $13M in the first year growing to $324M by year 5. 

Dark Carz is now raising $10M of seed capital in the form Membership Interest Units with a preferred annual return of 12% and the option to renew or convert to equity at the end of the second year. The company will invest the funds in building the commercial operations, user acquisition, working capital, facilities, vehicle acquisition for intercity operations, and marketing expenses. 

Detailed pitch-deck and financials are available upon request. 

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