DANCAN Pest Control

Raise $500,000 to expand residential pest control company

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DANCAN Pest Control is an Integrated Pest Management company that focuses on residential homes in DFW with a household income of $85,000 or more. DANCAN’s strategic advantage is its ability to acquire customers via its door to door program. Using door to door sales allows DANCAN to control the schedule of the customer’s quarterly service by controlling when they start service. This allows DANCAN to build very tight routes and makes the services much more profitable. While companies like Terminix and Rollins are buying pest control companies for 3X multiples of their revenue to acquire their customers, DANCAN is able to acquire customers at a .25X-.50X multiple by paying door to door sales reps on a purely commission basis. 

DANCAN has built a great reputation in the DFW area by networking on local social media platforms like facebook and nextdoor. DANCAN has 5 Stars on all review sites with hundreds of reviews. This has allowed DANCAN to build an incredibly effective inbound sales funnel and to keep their lead cost and customer acquisition cost well below the industry average. DANCAN staffs it’s own in house sales force to answer inbound sales calls and has one of the highest closing ratios in the industry. 

DANCAN has developed an amazing sales funnel for their customers that helps them to easily add additional services and increase the value of the customer. DANCAN focuses on educating the customer of the value of prevention. Billing is broken down into a fixed monthly cost for all higher service plans that helps increase profitability and retention. 

DANCAN is seeking to sell 10% of the companies equity for $500,000 to help fund growth.  After DANCAN receives this funding DANCAN will be filing for a second large SBA Loan. 

DANCAN Is managed by the Owner Dan Naseath and his wife Camilla Naseath. DANCAN has experienced managers over all it's major departments in place. 

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