D Foster Consulting LLC

Military Spouse & Women-owned company that specializes in sales, appointment setting, answering service, & lead generation! We are growing RAPIDLY!

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D Foster Consulting was founded in 2020 by Danielle Foster and has now grown to a team of over 40 people! Danielle started DFC freelancing on her own with the intention of utilizing her extensive knowledge and background in sales, marketing, customer service and human resources to provide for her family. Danielle is a military spouse and as other military spouses saw her success they wanted to be a part of it! To date we have over 50 military spouses, veterans and first responder spouses that work for DFC and that number continues to grow!

Services that DFC offers:  Answering service (chat, phone, emails, and inbound leads-real time), Sales & Business Development, Appointment Setting, Market Research, Lead Generation, CRM Maintenance,  Virtual Assistant & Event Coordinator, and White labeling

About Danielle Foster: President of D Foster Consulting LLC, Danielle Foster. Danielle Foster will be a key member of personnel and is an authorized representative. With over 15 years of management and consulting experience, she is able to manage general activities associated with her employees and contractors with ease. She has a proven track record in negotiating agreements and contracts, monitoring and managing 75 workers, and overseeing budget and department obligations. She will be responsible for ensuring all tasks and deadlines are being met, supervising all departments, and leveraging her hospitality background to provide top tier customer service training to all call center agents.

Office location:  Executive & Answering Service office in Virginia Beach, VA - Current staff is remote in the US only
Employees: 22
Contractors: 20

Current Years of Revenues:
2020:  $153,000
2021:  $513,000
2022:  $807,000
Current: 2023: $740,000 2022 Last year $620,000 Projected for $1,000,000.00
2024: Projected for 1.5 million (2.0 is probably what we will hit if we get the capital due to the government business we will be able to take)

In Sam.gov / Have women-owned small business & enterprise certificate and also military spouse certificate 
Upwork highly recommended 
Google ratings amazing

Debt:  Currently loans taken out in personal & business:  Small business loan (Killing me - want to pay off asap with). Multiple personal loans - to keep company afloat and pay myself. totaling $75,000  ( 1 paid weekly & the other paid monthly ) 

500 K or whatever I am able to get uses for:

- Phone system:  We need to develop our own phone system do not have the current capital and our current phone provider is charging me tons and tons of money
- Pay off the debt so we have money in the bank
- Pay our staff better as most of our staff have been with us for over 2 years, and have waited growing patiently with the company
- Capital in the bank
- Better equipment and bigger space when needed due to more companies coming on

Excited for the potential to have someone help grow this company with me! 

Thank you,

Danielle Foster

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