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How to Kill Cyclones

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We can Stop,Move and Kill Tornadoes & Hurricanes

You are probably aware that all Storms have Lightning and Thunder, right?

That is because they are full of electricity.  A lightning Strike is a high concentration of Electrons in the storm discharging with positive ions on the ground in a few seconds.   

I’m an Electronic Engineer. I have experience in starting 3 hardware and software companies, one of them we took public.  This last year I have spent thousands of hours looking at satellite photos and videos.  As a result, I have discovered the real process that creates and drives all storms. 

Meteorologist’s descriptions of how Tornadoes and Hurricanes form are 300 years old and they are wrong!  I can prove that with Newton’s basic physics, Maxwell’s equations of electromagnetism and videos from spaces.  

Dust Devils, Tornadoes and Hurricanes are created by the same process as Lightning. 

Electrons from the Sky come to Earth to discharge with positive charges. The only difference is the discharge in storms takes place over hours, days or weeks.  Moving charged particles create a spinning magnetic field around themselves.  This makes the Dust Devils, Tornadoes and Hurricane spin. 

 A lightning strike is actually an overflow valve when the storm creates electrons faster than the storm can discharge through the Funnels or Water Spouts.

I have prepared a 15 minute Video. This Video proves, with satellite photos and videos, the true causes of Dust Devils, Tornadoes and Hurricanes and 5 different ways we can stop, move and kill them. 

 I have filed for a patent.  Our strategy is to raise $500K to measure the size and speed of moving charges in storms. Additionally, as a demonstration, we will design the equipment to stop, move and kill a dust devil in order to prove we can kill Tornadoes and Hurricanes. At this point it is just a matter of selecting which methods work best and then scaling them up for the larger Tornadoes and Hurricanes.     

The U.S. has an average of $14 Billion in damages from these storms each year.  I believe it would be worth at least the cost of $2 Billion to save $14 Billion in damages.  Internationally, the total yearly damage exceeds $30 Billion/year.  Therefore, internationally a $4-6 Billion business can be created in 3-5 years.

I would like to show you my 15 minute Video Now. OK?         

Ray McLaine
Cyclone Killers, Inc.
805-56-0548 cell – text first. I don’t answer the phone due to excessive robo calls.
P.S.  I also have a 1 Hour Video which covers the Science and explanations in more detail.  1 hour video: 

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